Machine Structure


Machine Structure

Base, Slides, Heads (Work head and Spindle Head) made of high durable wear resistance cast iron Structural design offers vibration less operation.

Machine is incorporated with a high pressure coolant flushing system to wash off any dust particles over job, or any vital parts of machine which will prevent to lead a major break dawn issue Also machine is provided with to separate high pressure hand guns with coolant and air for extra cleaning.

Imported Precision Ball Screw
  • Ball Screw
  • Shuton and Korta Make
  • Precision Ground Ball Screw class – C0
  • For Better Accuracy And Enhanced Life Of Machine With High Productivity And Repeatability

Cross Roller Guide way
  • Schneeberger Make
  • Frictionless movement for better life of slides
  • This guideway offers the same dimensions, but due to the larger contact surfaces of the guideway tracks it offers a higher performance level. The reduced gap width between the guide rails also provides better protection against contamination.
  • Reduced Lateral stability and consequent loss of operating speed

Glass Scale – Heidenhain
  • Glass Scale is used for measurement of the slide position, the position control loop includes the complete feed mechanics. This is referred to as Closed Loop operation. Transfer errors from the mechanics can be detected by the linear encoder on the feed axis, and corrected by the control electronics. This makes it possible to eliminate a number of potential error
  • Positioning error due to thermal changes in the recirculating ball screw
  • Kinematic error through the ball-screw pitch error

GMN Spindle – HV11 – 45000 RPM
  • Spindle Lubrication Unit – GMN Make
  • Spindle cooling Unit
  • Highest machining quality during the production of GMN spindles ensures precise mass distribution and minimal unbalance vibrations at maximum speeds.
  • The own frequencies of rotating systems cause critical speeds in which extreme vibrations can occur. The use of different tools can reduce the critical speed range of the spindle tool system, leading to a reduction in the optimum speed required for machining.

Filtration System
  • LOSMA Filtration system is specialized in air filters for oil mists, oil smoke and dust separation, and in depurators for neat oil and emulsion.
  • Keep Fume free working environment and happy worker situation
  • Protect oil fume inhaling by workers and keeping health safety.
  • Oil and dust deposition avoided in costly circuit boards (PCB) and cooling fans. Because it is most important device.
  • Oil mist affect air condition system filters, so keeping mist collectors it is prevented.
  • Keeping shop floor safety from oil sticking in floors and walls.

FANUC – oi- TF/G Plus
  • Control system made for specifically grinding machines.
  • G code System
  • M code System
  • Running hours of controller
  • Speed & Feed rate
  • Running hours of controller
  • Tool data
  • In process Gauging System –Defining material stock (Available Material stock) and center axis of the job in automated way to reduced/eliminate in process rejection